About the Artist

I have a habit of speaking in metaphor, but I paint because it's easier than speaking.

Throughout human history people have drawn connections between their experiences and the natural world around them. From the gods of ancient Egypt to the Victorian flower language, different animals and plants are assigned symbolic meaning with different cultures oftentimes assigning the same connotations to a given plant or animal. It's almost like these symbols are a primitive base language that humanity as a whole understands.

Symbols and metaphors are used when plain language is insufficient in expressing a feeling or idea by itself. Their use brings emotion, wisdom, and intuition into the conversation which provides a deeper and more viceral understanding. In my work I tell a story through these symbols. My stories are based in the time I live in, telling my stories or of those around me. Each viewer will apply the symbols they see to their own lives though, and come up with their own stories and meanings. The precise meaning and feelings attached to any metaphor, after all, are shaped by the life experience of the person it's presented to.